Hail, Traveler!

Be ye a mighty hunter of dragons or a lowly shopkeep, from time to time we all need to take a break from our battles. So cast aside the tools of your trade, throw your feet up, and hoist a tankard, my friend, for you are in good company – the company of nerds!

NerdRelic is a company of kindly misfits who aspire to make a modest trade, peddling the type of wares and relics that embody the heart and soul of all things “Nerd” – especially where it pertains to gaming.

We also hope to build a friendly community where anyone can come and share their feats of bravery or impart their wisdom and experience in an effort to help others along in their journeys. Or, perhaps, we could share in the entrepreneurial spirit and offer a platform for fellow nerds to peddle their wares in the pursuit of the mighty gold piece.

Come in! Talk with us! Share your ideas and help us build a community and safe haven for the nerdish masses. NerdRelic has only just been born, so the sky’s the limit. Join us, my friend!


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