New Kickstarter Project – The Modi Dice!

After much research, design, and prototyping legwork by NerdRelic’s very own Illussionz, we are pleased to announce our very first Kickstarter campaign – The Modi Dice!

“Nahhh… I have plenty of dice already.” Said no nerd, ever.


The Modi Dice concept is simple. Aside from just looking cool, which for many is good enough reason alone to buy new dice, Modi Dice will also save you time in factoring in modifiers with your dice rolls.

Sure, it’s simple math, but anything that will shave off precious seconds and keep the game flow moving along at a good clip is always welcomed by player and game master alike.

You could also use them as placeholders for temporary stats and adjustments on your character sheets.

If you’re a dice lover like the rest of us, consider helping us get rolling by supporting and sharing our Kickstarter with your friends!

Let the good times roll!

By Aardaerimus

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